Blessed Generation registered charity no. 1141494,
Scotland (OSCR)no.SC042655,
limited by guarantee registered number 6598271.
Member of National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education, Number NRC98

Welcome to BG Homework Club for students aged 8 to 16. 

Because you wish the best for your Children, we set up this Charity to help your Child achieve his/her full potential. We realised that Children shy away from the three main subject (English, Mathematics and Science), not because they want to, probably because they do not understand them.

At BG Homework Clubs we dedicate our time and effort to helping our Children understand and get better in these subjects.  The results being more positive and confident Children. They achieve more, both in their Schools and their community as their results get better. We registered with OFSTED to ensure that we keep up to date with Schools standards, ensuring daily validation and growth of both the Clubs and our Students. We are registered with Safer Networks to ensure that we keep up to date with government Children safe guarding. We are members of the National Resources for Supplementary Education (NCRSE).


* Mathematics

* English

* Science (Chemistry, Biology and Physics)


*English As A Second Language (ESOL) 

We are registered and regulated by OFSTED, also a member of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education offering the following to Children aged 8 to 16 years old:

We also help the children prepare for their next Key Stage examinations. 

For more information and to find your nearest centre please contact us on

+44 (0)20 3627 0825 or email us at [email protected].

Address: 130 Greenhaven Dr, London SE28 8FT, UK